Cubic 3
Whale helped Cubic 3 Coffee provide Harbor + Analytics, an efficient and unified management tool for its complex campaign activities, to greatly enhance the digital innovation of its brand retail business.
  • Background
    As an emerging coffee brand, Sancube Coffee has gained a broad market space with its own unique model in the face of fierce competition under the background of fast coffee.
  • Demand

    Unify the definition at the data level; integrate data into different business systems, and standardize and segment this data.

    Based on the data of the same business logic, and docking with the automated marketing content system, realize the dynamic push of personalized content for different circles of people, and continuously improve the effect of activities.

    Based on the data feedback of marketing activities, the marketing rule engine and algorithm model are continuously optimized to help the business personnel at the marketing/operation end to efficiently configure marketing activities and improve operational efficiency.

Solution and Value

Open up different marketing channels through Harbor docking, and use Analytics real-time data analysis and identification to achieve accurate push of marketing content.

Real-time tracking of the data effects of marketing events, real-time analysis of consumption data and activity effects to achieve effective early warning, and adjust marketing strategies at any time.

Through automated process design, repetitive work in the original complex daily operation is omitted, human errors are reduced, marketing efficiency is improved, and the transaction cycle is shortened.

"We hope to have an in-depth understanding and cooperation with the retail business of Cubic 3 Coffee through Harbor + Analytics, and become the best partner of Cubic 3 Coffee in the digital marketing business."


Cubic 3 x Whale | A Fast-growing Brand Powered by Whale Harbor + Analytics

Since 2016, my country's consumer market has ushered in the explosive growth of the new era of tea consumption. Capital promotes the further rapid development of the industry, and the epidemic has accelerated the reshuffle of the industry. The development of the supply chain, the influx of talents, and the construction of digital operations have all become key factors for brand development.

As a new force in coffee, Sancube continues to expand the size of its stores in China. In addition to continuously providing consumers with an updated coffee experience, Sancube hopes to use the power of data analysis to promote the development of stores, including brand store expansion. Therefore, digital innovation has become one of the important strategies for Cubic 3's future business development.

However, in a specific marketing business scenario, Sancube found that it is difficult to centrally control different business systems in a marketing campaign; it is difficult to realize personalized push of dynamic content, resulting in poor marketing campaign results; large-scale in a short period of time Marketing activities are difficult to achieve by manpower operations and other challenges in marketing operation management. How to manage marketing activities efficiently and conveniently, and comprehensively improve the effectiveness of overall marketing operation management? This is an important part of brand digital reform and innovation.

Against such a market background, Whale hopes to help Sancube provide efficient and unified management tools for its complex campaign activities through the "Whale Harbor Marketing Content Center" and "Whale Whale Analytics"; enhance the brand's large-scale, event-driven data capabilities help realize multi-channel, large-scale Campaign; support inbound marketing of brand applets and APPs, as well as DTC and third-party outbound marketing; continuously optimize the marketing rule engine through data feedback, and realize AI-driven intelligent recommendations, greatly improving digital innovation for branded retail businesses.

By building a marketing automation platform for Sancube, Whale helps brands connect with different marketing channels, including APPs, small programs, WeChat official accounts, etc.; and then cooperates with Analytics to conduct real-time data analysis and identification for consumer data insights in online and offline scenarios Important interactive behaviors from consumers and precise content push, the correlation between content and consumers is improved, so as to maximize the interaction utility and increase the cost of transaction volume. It also tracks the data effects of marketing events in real time, learns and understands consumers based on the data of consumer interaction behaviors, and automatically outputs BI analysis reports. Real-time analysis of consumer data and activity effects enables effective early warning, and adjusts the status of each marketing link and marketing strategy at any time.

By setting up a standardized policy-level scene workflow in advance, Whale saves repetitive work in the original complex daily operation, reduces manual errors, and avoids interaction faults. Triggered marketing based on user behavior achieves the greatest degree of real-time and concurrency, meets the automatic traction of key nodes in the event operation cycle, improves marketing efficiency and shortens the transaction cycle.

The cooperation between Whale and Cubic 3 has greatly improved the data management and control capabilities of Cubic 3 for online and offline retail businesses, and has great data management and promotion value for the entire large-scale retail chain industry.

For a long time, Cube 3 has been actively exploring digital innovation plans at all levels of retail business, relying on data analysis, modeling and decision-making capabilities, looking for creative solutions, strengthening front-end and back-office operations, and using machine learning and intelligent forecasting tools, managing the retail business of Sancube, and continuing to explore new businesses of automated marketing to help business growth.

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