As a high-end brand of Midea, Whale helps COLMO realize the digitization of the whole store. This not only meets the business needs of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, but also fits the brand smart and high-end image.
  • Background
    COLMO is a high-end AI technology home appliance brand under Midea Group. It has air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, water purifiers, range hoods, gas stoves, water heaters, cooking robots and other home appliances for the whole house, showing four major scenes of living, washing, kitchen and bathroom, providing users with AI full picture high-end smart life.
  • Demand

    Say goodbye to labor, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

    Store management is more intelligent and standardized.

    Data insights to help improve store operations.

Solution and Value

Use AI capabilities to empower store inspections to solve the problems of manpower consumption, inefficiency and data validity caused by human errors in the inventory process.

Introduce BPM to form a complete business closed loop, provide richer usage scenarios of AI shop inspections, and accumulate richer data dimensions.

With the help of "Whale SpaceSight", create a new generation of digital offline stores, give full play to the role of offline stores, and gain in-depth insight into consumers, products, and stores.

"As a high-end brand of Midea, Whale helps COLMO realize the digitization of the whole store. This not only meets the business needs of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, but also fits the brand's smart and high-end image."


COLMO x Whale | Whole Store Digitalization for an AI Home Appliance Brand

The significance of digitalization of offline stores has been recognized by the majority of retail brands. However, digitalization of stores cannot be achieved overnight. How to realize digitalization of stores in stages in combination with business needs? As an AI technology home appliance brand under Midea, COLMO expects to be more efficient and intelligent in the digital operation of stores, so as to conform to the brand's high-end image and assist business growth.

There are many offline stores in COLMO, and the traditional prototype inventory method requires manual comparison of photo information of different stores after taking photos, which has high labor costs and needs to be improved urgently; problem, a more digital approach is needed.

Combined with the needs of COLMO, we will empower COLMO digitalization through SpaceSight from the following three stages:

The first stage: AI algorithm empowers inventory and solves the problems of efficiency and labor cost

- Take the algorithm as the core to ensure the shortest time online;

- Focus on the prototype inventory scene, AI algorithms replace manual inventory, reduce costs and increases efficiency, and ensures inventory quality.

The second stage: APP+BPM+AI forms a complete inspection closed loop, rich inspection scenarios, and rich data applications

- Relying on rich operating experience, COLMO has strict regulations and controls on the display, sampling and materials of different channel stores. Through AI visual recognition, the display, sampling and material use of different channels are inspected to ensure the effectiveness of the following:

- Based on the digital operation needs of stores as the core, around the standardized management and implementation of stores, it provides a series of functional modules such as online store inspection according to SOP, AI automatic inspection, task system, inspection report, etc., to help enterprises achieve efficient standardized management and reduce costs efficiency;

- Precipitation of customized data dimensions.

The third stage: complete digitalization of offline stores, complete acquisition of consumers, shop assistants and store operation information, and deep data drill-down to provide brand-customized data dimensions

-Based on SpaceSight capabilities, in the context of privacy compliance, through ReID & face blurring technology, obtain more accurate customer flow data inside and outside the store, and capture customer behavior portraits in the store;

-Based on store abnormalities, combined with inspection results, store portrait data can be obtained through data analysis; when a certain amount of data is accumulated, managers can combine data prediction capabilities, attribution analysis capabilities, and custom data rule early warning capabilities to clearly understand the line The What, Why, and How of store operations.

Through the implementation of the above three stages, Whale has helped COLMO realize online store inspections and daily inspections of thousands of stores, which greatly saves labor costs; AI intelligent inventory, the data of tens of thousands of stores across the country can be quickly inventoried and generated reports, compared with traditional multi-person at least two day-to-day statistical data greatly improves efficiency; AI algorithms identify abnormalities in stores, making online store inspections fully automated; store management is systematic and transparent, unifying store images, enhancing brand value, and making store management more efficient.

At the same time, through display optimization, site selection optimization, activity effect optimization, procurement strategy optimization, store management optimization and other aspects, it has truly realized data-driven store growth.

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