Blank Me
More and more beauty brands have successively deployed Douyin operations, but very few have done well. Through "Whale Cast", Blank Me and Blank Me jointly created an algorithm model to unlock the brand "traffic code" of Douyin Track.
  • Background
    The professional base makeup brand Blank Me strives to break through limitations by creating high-quality base makeup products, advocating true values ​​and a positive and optimistic attitude, and becoming a brand that meets the needs of consumers in the new era.
  • Demand

    Drive business growth by adjusting the measurable variable factors in the Douyin live broadcast room.

    Obtain more accurate and high-quality crowd traffic from the Douyin platform through the optimized performance of the live broadcast room.

    Use the single-store model to find matching anchors or evaluate the performance of the anchors. The anchors compare and learn from each other, constantly replaying and self-growth.

Solution and Value

With the help of "Whale Cast", it provides short video management and analysis, live broadcast process indicators and traffic indicator model analysis, brand analysis, portrait analysis and other correlation reports, as well as integrated solutions for marketing automation.

With the help of leading AI algorithm capabilities, it automatically trains a variety of live room models to help brands find the key to traffic growth.

"More and more beauty brands have deployed Douyin operations successively, but very few have done well. Through the "Whale Cast", Weiwei and Blank Me jointly created an algorithm model to unlock the brand traffic of the Douyin track together. password. "


Blank Me x Whale | Unlock Live Streaming Efficiency

With the outbreak of face value economy and face value social interaction, the short video field represented by Douyin has become an important battlefield for brand marketing and conversion sales for millennials. Douyin short videos have naturally become the focus of attention of major beauty bloggers, and therefore Douyin has become a must for many cosmetics brands.

Blank Me attaches great importance to the sales channel of the Douyin brand live broadcast room. Blank Me hopes to use scientific methods to analyze the correlation between the variable factors that can be operated by the anchor and the live broadcast room and the actual sales data, so as to guide, learn from and improve the operational thinking and methods of the anchor and live broadcast room.

But how to grasp the psychological needs of the new generation of consumers who are increasingly pursuing refinement? How to effectively and accurately attract the younger generation of target users? How to motivate users? It is a challenge for Blank Me, which not only tests the brand's insight into the behavior habits of Douyin users, but also tests the brand's control over consumers' purchasing preferences and psychology.

Against such a market background, Blank Me and Weiwei tried to co-create an algorithm model to help brands find the growth code for traffic and transformation.

Short videos and live broadcasts are important tools for traffic introduction and conversion, but to find the password for traffic and conversion, you need to use a variety of cutting-edge technological means, such as AI algorithm models, speech and semantic recognition, brand knowledge graph construction, etc. "Whale Cast" can provide short video management and analysis, live broadcast process index and traffic index model analysis, brand fan portrait analysis, marketing automation integration solutions, etc., and at the same time use leading AI algorithm capabilities to automatically train various live room models , to help brands find growth codes.

Based on Cast, we will do custom development for Blank Me: In the first phase of the project, we will combine the "semantic recognition ability" to build an algorithm model to analyze the live video content, and output the correlation report between "semantic text" and data such as live room traffic and orders , and then put forward constructive suggestions on the anchor's oral broadcast script. After receiving these reports and suggestions, brands can effectively customize marketing strategies, seize the best marketing opportunities, and improve traffic conversion efficiency.

In this cooperation with Blank Me, in the process of co-creating the algorithm model with the brand, we helped the brand build a brand knowledge map, and at the same time built a single store model of the Douyin live broadcast room, laying a solid foundation for brand precision marketing.

In the future, in addition to the performance model of the single store in the Douyin Live Room in the first stage, Whale will continue to cooperate with Blank Me to create a single-store fan model in the Douyin Live Room (the second phase) and a multi-store performance model in the Douyin Live Room ( The third phase).

Blank Me uses a variety of cutting-edge technologies such as AI algorithm models, speech semantic recognition, and brand knowledge graph construction to promote brands to increase traffic and conversion rates on the Douyin platform more quickly. Use the brand's own values and attitudes to influence the new generation of beauty consumer groups.

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