Based on the sensor and camera buried point technology, combining with the self-developed “Whale Precise Delivery”, Whale assists DR PLANT in completing the in-store digital upgrade with reconstruction of full-scenario in-store digitalization as the entry point.
  • Customer Background
    Dr. Plant's 4000th brand store and the world's first smart store officially opened in Shanghai in early 2021, and the newly upgraded "unmanned sales" model was also debuted in the first smart store.
  • Customer Requirements

    In the first intelligent store of Dr. Plant strives to cover new products, new technology, new content and new experience, providing consumers with more diversified products and intelligent experience

    Contribute to the improvement of consumption quality and further release the consumption potential

Solutions & Values

Create immersive interactive experience scenarios to convey the brand's sense of technology

Provide the "Whale Quasi-Pitch" content delivery APP, allowing store managers to become the master of content marketing

Putting online users' product evaluation on the offline interactive electronic screen to bring a sense of security for offline consumers

"Whale helps Dr. Plant complete the digital upgrade of its stores through sensor and camera buried technology, combined with its own developed "Whale Quasi-Cast", with the entry point of reconstructing the digitalization of the whole scene of stores."


Dr. Plant x Whale | Smart stores to further unlock consumer potential

At the beginning of 2021, the 4000th brand store and the first smart store of Dr. Plant opened in Shanghai, upgrading the "unmanned sales" mode and opening the global smart store with its 5.0 image store to empower the internationalization of the brand. A few months ago, Whale tied up with Dr. Plant and worked with its strategic partner XianShi Electronics to launch a deep cooperation on the first smart store in Shanghai.

The "ace" weapon provided by Whale in this collaboration is: immersive interactive experience. When entering the store, consumers will pick up any product and the electronic screen will immediately display the basic product information and the product processing process. The splicing screen is a highlight, it can assist customers in understanding the products when they can also understand the characteristics and technology of this store, to achieve the effect of multiple uses of one screen.

Whale's intelligent display system uses technology to enrich the interaction between customers and products, and the brand no longer relies on shopping guides, i.e., human means to convey brand concepts and consumer information.

Whale provides the "Whale Quasi-Pitch" content delivery APP, which allows store managers to customize the design of content and distribute it to all screens with one click, enabling fast and unified management of offline stock Android screens, real-time update of display content, and reduction of human maintenance costs.

Online product reviews have become an important source of information for consumers and merchants to understand product quality and service. In order to enable store consumers to see the most timely and realistic product reviews, Whale customized and developed the technology to move the real-time reviews from the applet mall into the stores to truly unify online and offline reviews, thus giving consumers a sense of security.

The first smart experience store creates more opportunities for Dr. Plant to interact with consumers, and as Dr. Plant's brand founder Xie Yong said at the appreciation party, "One thing I am very firm about is that the biggest endorsement for a brand to give consumers confidence must be the physical store."

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