「Whale SpaceSight」helps Schnike to realize digital management and in-depth marketing management, effectively improving its store service standardization ability.
  • Background
    Founded in 2009, SNEIK is a domestic auto parts supply chain integration service provider integrating product integration, research and development, production and sales. SNEIK takes high-quality auto parts as the core, conducts in-depth exploration around car maintenance, and is committed to providing high-quality auto parts, efficient delivery standards, precise technical support, and ultimate user experience to the majority of terminal maintenance centers and car owners.
  • Demand

    Adopt digital management to achieve cost reduction and increase efficiency. 

    Improve the efficiency of shop inspections and ensure follow-up rectification and regional assessment.

    The headquarters needs to understand the operation status of the store, trace the source of the business situation and follow up.

    Break away from traditional quality inspection and use smart equipment to improve inspection effectiveness.

Solution and Value

Sort out and optimize the complete shop inspection process, launch a remote shop inspection system, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of terminal inspections.

Multi-dimensional data support, multi-department collaborative review, find out the root cause of performance loss.

Combined with the remote quality inspection of the headquarters, the behavior tracking of terminal stores is carried out. Improve vertical execution and cultivate terminal habits.

Intelligent AI point inspection, the system automatically captures the demonstration scene, providing the headquarters with more efficient store management control.

"Facing the trillion-level post-auto market, we will help reduce costs and increase efficiency through digital management, upgrade and iterate traditional stores into offline smart stores, improve service standardization capabilities, and create a leading capability for Schneck in the automotive aftermarket for car maintenance."


SNEIK x Whale | Shorten a 30-min Project to 5 mins

In China's auto aftermarket, which has already surpassed trillions in scale, Schneck is committed to getting rid of the shackles imposed by the overall chaos, lack of standards, and poor consumer experience in the industry environment, focusing on the continuous improvement of service standardization capabilities superior.

As the business continues to grow, Schneck keeps adding new stores across the country. The traditional and inefficient offline store operation method is obviously not suitable for Schneck, which is in the stage of rapid development, but the concept of offline smart stores fits well with Schneck, which naturally has Internet genes.

Based on this demand and foundation, Weiwei joined hands with Schneck to maintain a car. By deploying a remote store inspection system and a complete smart store solution, a series of optimization actions such as remote quality inspection at the headquarters, behavior tracking of terminal stores, and follow-up review and improvement will help Schneck to achieve the goal of maintaining a car. Digital management and in-depth marketing management have effectively improved its store service standardization capabilities.

When the original video surveillance system and remote store inspection system are still stuck in the traditional surveillance era, unable to meet the rigid needs of brand development, "Whale SpaceSight" and "Whale Analytics" work together to improve the store's operational capabilities and sales conversion rate.

It is worth mentioning that Weiwei uses many innovative interactive methods to ensure the overall effect, and provides full life cycle services for project implementation and after-sales. The digital system jointly built by Weiwei and Schneck Automobile has covered 900+ service outlets.

After the implementation of the Weiwei solution, the store operation has achieved visible cost reduction and efficiency increase. For example, before the solution was implemented, it took 30 minutes to find a car in an offline store, but it only took 5 minutes after the solution was implemented. Schnike Yangche also expressed its expectation to lay the foundation for the full coverage and full upgrade of smart stores, so that the brand can face the future with a better attitude.

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