With the help of digital management solutions, we help Mannings improve the efficiency of refined operation and management to meet the changing needs of Generation Z consumers.
  • Background
    Mannings originated in the 1970s, with more than 40 years of retail experience and a solid reputation. In 2004, Mannings entered the Chinese mainland market, and since then its domestic development has gradually expanded. Today, Mannings' offline stores have covered 33 cities.
  • Demand

    It is necessary to connect commodity data information scattered in different systems and integrate and manage them.

    It is necessary to manage different channel information in a unified way: multiple departments such as procurement, marketing, e-commerce, and operations can distribute them to various channels with one click after uploading, reviewing, storing, and adjusting materials. Suppliers need to be integrated, and different departments provide different information. access and permissions.

    It is necessary to effectively manage commodity licenses to ensure that the licenses are not missing, so as to accept industrial and commercial inspections.

Solution and Value

Through "Whale Harbor", a unified management of information of different channels and departments, product material management, online editing and one-click publishing.

Collect scattered commodity information data through Harbor to realize license review, license viewing and other functions.

"We hope to use the digital management solution to help Mannings improve the efficiency of refined operation management and meet the changing needs of Generation Z consumers."


Mannings x Whale | Farewell to Low Efficiency, Manage Information in an Orderly Mannaer

The new generation of consumption power has had a huge impact on China's overall business landscape. As the first beauty and personal care collection store to enter the Chinese mainland market, Mannings owns many chain stores. As the most intuitive channel to contact consumers, offline stores are also facing new challenges from the market and their own reforms.

In the new era and new scenarios, many retail companies with a long history of operation generally have the status quo that the existing operating equipment systems are outdated and unable to adapt to the marketing management needs of the new era. However, many data solutions for large enterprises are poorly customizable and cannot quickly respond to the needs of current digital transformation. In addition, enterprises also need to pay close attention to industry regulations. The promulgation of any new regulations will directly affect the company's planning and business operations.

In addition to the above problems, Mannings has a total of 2,500 SKUs on sale, which requires multi-party docking with channel parties, brand parties, and brand channel parties. Mannings has many product release channels on the e-commerce platform, and departments need to communicate, involving complex processes and a large number of docking roles.

How to efficiently, conveniently and uniformly manage product materials, release product information synchronously, realize multi-channel integration, and comprehensively manage e-commerce business platforms? This is an area that desperately needs a makeover.

Against such a market background, Wintek provided Mannings with a set of effective data management solutions, including data integration, material sharing & collaborative operations, docking with third-party platforms, unified online editing of product information, one-click publishing, etc., which greatly improved It improves the efficiency of operation and management for enterprises.

Through Harbor, Weiwei has helped Mannings realize the unified management and push of online and offline content, better manage and coordinate product information related data of various channels and brands, and then manage them in a unified manner.

For the sorted materials, different authorities can be opened for different departments in Harbor; multiple departments can work together on the same product materials and content to improve the efficiency of cross-departmental collaboration within the company; docking with third-party platforms such as Tmall and can automatically crop pictures for different channels and pits, push product information, materials, etc. to all screens with one click, help brands achieve multi-channel integration, and comprehensively manage e-commerce business platforms.

At the same time, Harbor can also solve imminent problems such as license review and license inspection for Mannings for the first time with a fast response speed, which greatly improves the overall operation and management efficiency of the brand.

The cooperation between Weiwei and Mannings has greatly improved the data utilization efficiency of Mannings' online and offline operations, and has great data management and promotion value for the entire beauty chain industry.

In the future, Weiwei will assist Mannings in carrying out follow-up cooperation around the digitalization of the brand business center and Taiwan, and comprehensively upgrade the data management system.

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