Navigating the Future of Retail with AI with OPPO Indonesia
How OPPO Indonesia and Whale Revolutionize Retail Shopping Experience

Whale is supporting OPPO Indonesia's nationwide expansion through its advanced AI-powered solutions and actionable retail insights, driving further growth for OPPO's Indonesia expansions nationwide.

Whale has rapidly become a leading provider of AI-powered retail solutions for forward-thinking retailers, offering reliable services for footfall analytics, customer behavior analysis, retail compliance audit.

"Just like Oppo, Whale is continuously advancing to deliver more precise and impactful AI solutions – with a product that supports retail businesses across the country. Our partnership is pivotal in supporting our nationwide expansion, and we are excited to collaborate with the Oppo Indonesia team in 2024 and beyond to foster our mutual growth." Jerry Ye, CEO & Cofounder at Whale. 

"In today's highly competitive retail landscape, AI is a game-changer. Our partnership with Whale SpaceSight has empowered OPPO Indonesia to leverage the immense potential of AI in revolutionizing our operations. We are better equipped to understand our customers, streamline processes, and deliver truly personalized experiences that build loyalty and give us a significant competitive advantage." Yosie Harria Agung, Retail Director at OPPO Indonesia.

Whale SpaceSight & OPPO Indonesia

Whale SpaceSight’s collaboration with OPPO Indonesia transforms traditional store operations with cutting-edge AI-powered retail soltuion . Through real-time analysis, invaluable insights into customer behavior and preferences are obtained, enabling OPPO Indoneisa to streamline operations by pinpointing peak visit times and optimizing staff allocation. This AI-driven approach informs data-backed decisions on product placement, promotional activities, and an optimized layout tailored to each location's preferences identified by AI. It enables benchmarking against top-performing stores for continuous improvement.

OPPO Indonesia is leading the transition into AI-powered smart retail, integrating Whale SpaceSight's intelligent, AI-driven solutions. By amplifying business insights with AI analytics, OPPO Indonesia delivers a tailored, personal shopping experience that exceeds customer expectations, made possible by the power of AI transforming the retail landscape.

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