From Browsing to Buying: Use SpaceSight to Optimize Sales Through Product Placement

In today's competitive retail landscape, the key to standing out lies in understanding and adapting to the customer's shopping behaviors. But how can a store effectively navigate this challenge to enhance their sales? 

This case study offers a fascinating insight into the journey of a fast fashion brand. Facing sluggish sales of the season's star items, Brand H harnessed the power of Whale SpaceSight, a tool designed to analyze and optimize in-store customer behavior. This shift in strategy not only revolutionized the store layout but also significantly improved the overall sales conversion rate. Let's dive into the details of how Brand H turned her sales trajectory around using data-driven insights from Whale SpaceSight.


A fast-fashion clothing brand noticed that the season's most heavily advertised items were not performing as expected. In order to determine the cause of this underwhelming sales performance, they needed to identify the root of the issue.

The essential goal was to elevate in-store product sales, which could be achieved by engaging customers' attention through a more strategic layout and product placement.


Whale SpaceSight offers in-depth insights into customers' shopping behaviors, such as browsing depth, visit duration, preferred shopping areas, and attrition. This data-rich analysis helps optimize store layout planning, enhances each stage's conversion rate, and ultimately increases the overall sales conversion rate.

By leveraging Whale SpaceSight for in-store customer flow analysis. This revealed varied and dispersed customer shopping routes, suggesting that many products were going unnoticed. In response, promptly streamlined the customer shopping routes to ensure most products were viewed by the customers during their shopping journey.

Moreover, Whale SpaceSigh highlighted a high attrition rate in a specific store area, where customers chose to exit the store. This indicated a lack of customer appeal for the products displayed there, prompting a strategic product rearrangement to reduce customer churn.

Empowered by Whale SpaceSight, Brand H turned mere customer data into a retail revolution, significantly boosting sales. This case underscores the pivotal role of understanding customer behavior in retail success.


By using Whale SpaceSight, brand was able to devise a data-driven strategy to restructure the store layout and product placement, leading to improved conversion rates at each stage of the customer shopping journey. This comprehensive approach resulted in a significant rise in the overall sales conversion rate, proving the effectiveness of the solution.

A fast-growing clothing brand has demonstrated the potential of Whale SpaceSight to drive sales conversion rates and better understand customer behavior. Now it's your turn to experience this retail transformation. Partner with Whale to explore the endless possibilities of Whale SpaceSight.

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