How SpaceSight Works in Standardizing and Improving Operational Efficiency for Car Workshop

Maintaining a smooth flow of operations represents one of the most significant challenges encountered by the automotive aftermarket. Recruiting and retaining skilled technicians, ensuring quality control, and delivering an exceptional customer experience are all intricate and interrelated components that must function seamlessly to satisfy customers and uphold a business's reputation.

Consider the role of an automotive workshop manager. Each day, they confront the responsibilities of overseeing personnel, ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality repairs, and managing the expectations and concerns of numerous customers. In this delicate balancing act, one of the most pressing concerns pertains to the efficiency and accuracy of inspections. On-site inspections, while necessary, can often prove costly, time-consuming, and occasionally impractical.

  • Conducting on-site inspections can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, making it impractical in many cases.

  • Inspectors must balance efficiency and accuracy while completing their tasks within time constraints. Failing to do so could result in compromising the quality of the work.

  • During inspections, various issues may be identified, such as after-sales service quality, parts quality, and workflow problems. Timely identification and tracking of these issues can be challenging, necessitating the establishment of effective feedback and improvement mechanisms.

  • Analyzing inspection data and generating reports can be a complex and resource-intensive process. It requires significant time and resources to complete.

  • Reduce customer waiting time and improve transparency in store-side service processes.


Whale SapceSight is a groundbreaking solution tailor-made for the automotive aftermarket industry. Designed with the pain points of the industry in mind, Whale Spacesight integrates state-of-the-art AI capabilities with efficient process management tools to transform the way businesses in this sector operate.

Whale Spacesight doesn't just aim to streamline operations; it's built to revolutionize them. From enabling remote inspections to providing real-time service process transparency to customers, Whale Spacesight is set to redefine the automotive aftermarket industry standards.

- Managing User Access: Ensuring the Right People Have the Right Permissions

Whale SpaceSight provides multiple methods for adding employee accounts, facilitating easy access for different departments within the enterprise. In an era where seamless integration and swift adaptation are paramount, having an array of flexible account access management methods can be a game-changer. Here's how Whale SpaceSight makes the process smoother for enterprises:

  • Enterprise Invitation Code Identification: Suitable for scenarios where accounts need to quickly join an enterprise.

  • Bulk Table Import: Suitable for scenarios where large amounts of data need to be imported with a single click.

  • Employee Invitation Code (Application-Review) for Joining: Suitable for regular internal invitation/authorization/review scenarios.

  • Support for Custom Integration with the OA system, enabling automatic synchronization of account permissions for onboarding and offboarding employees.

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- Spot-Checking SOPs: How to Consistently Deliver Quality

Ensuring the quality inspection of SOP execution requires a significant investment of manpower. However, enhancing inspection efficiency directly contributes to workforce productivity within the enterprise.

Whale Spacesight offers valuable features like AI-assisted vehicle search, accelerated playback, and shortcut keys, which greatly enhance inspection efficiency.

1. Retrieve order and license plate information from Whale Spacesight and utilize the AI Car Search feature to swiftly locate the vehicle.

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 2. Play the video clips of the vehicle within the store with just one click.

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3. Utilize the accelerated playback feature to quickly identify key actions performed by technicians and skip irrelevant segments.

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4. One-click drag and drop to adjust the display order, assisting quality inspectors in visually reviewing the relevant footage related to the vehicle.

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5. Utilizing a wide range of shortcut keys to boost the efficiency of quality inspection.

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- Keeping Track of Unexpected Events: Tools for Efficient Event Tracing

1. Utilize the AI car search feature to swiftly locate the vehicle.

2. Download and save the videos locally. (The download process is fully encrypted and logged in the background, while downloaded files are watermarked with user account information to ensure information security.)

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- Enhancing Service Transparency: A Peek into the Live Workstation

1. Utilize the store computer to access the PC version of the digital intelligence platform. Open the 16-channel screen for simultaneous playback and enable the round-tour playback function.

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2. Turn on the full-screen mode

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3. Project the computer screen onto the television in the customer lounge area.

As retail automotive storefronts enter an ever-evolving and interconnected landscape, the need for streamlined operations and improved consumer experiences is more urgent than ever. Whale is a leader in this regard, combining advanced technology with operational finesse to provide a secure, streamlined platform for account management. 

Our inspection feature simplifies and accelerates the inspection process, boosting productivity. Allowing customers to monitor their vehicle maintenance in real-time, creating an engaging and transparent experience that significantly reduces their anxieties and increases their satisfaction. Whale SpaceSight isn't just a tool, but a paradigm shift in how automotive storefronts operate and interact with their patrons. As we continue to grow, our commitment to excellence and the elevation of the consumer journey remains unwavering.

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