How GXG Leveraged Footfall Analytics for Smarter Employee Management

GXG is a men's apparel retailer with a wide network of dealerships, partner stores, self-operated stores, and brand departments across China. The GXG New Retailing business model aims to provide customers with a seamless and convenient purchasing experience by integrating both online and offline channels.

However, GXG's management is currently encountering obstacles in this selling approach. They have realized that the available retail data is insufficient to formulate effective marketing strategies and promotional plans. Moreover, managing a large number of shops located in diverse regions poses challenges in employee management.


Challenges in collecting footfall data

While GXG focuses on collecting and analyzing data to understand customer attributes and market needs, they face a challenge. The lack of data on customers who haven't made a purchase makes it difficult to identify potential customer groups and analyze their preferences and behaviors.

Managing stores and employees in different regions

With multiple sub-brands and a complex organizational structure, GXG faces difficulty in supervising and managing employees across their widely scattered and decentralized stores. This is especially challenging when it comes to monitoring employees' actions, such as using personal devices, leaving without permission, or engaging in fraudulent activities.

The budget is limited

As a pioneer in the New Retailing business model, GXG has implemented camera equipment in their stores. In order to reduce deployment costs, they aim to analyze entrance traffic using their existing equipment within their budget constraints.


Accurate and Engaging Traffic Data Visualization

Improve your understanding of customer behavior and boost store performance with Whale SpaceSight's powerful visual dashboard tools. Gain valuable insights from passers-by who show interest and enter your store. Dive deeper into the factors that impact store traffic, such as weekends, holidays, marketing activities, and weather conditions.

Smart Dashboard


Effortless Store Management with AI-Powered Employee Supervision

Take advantage of our 24/7 automated management system powered by AI detection. With remote video monitoring and customizable alarm rules, you can ensure compliance and prompt resolution of any non-compliant events. Achieve comprehensive supervision of employee behavior by setting up features like off-duty detection, mobile phone usage detection, and even cashier loss prevention.

Low cost for reusing existing CCTV

Whale SpaceSight makes it economical to reuse your existing CCTV infrastructure. By seamlessly connecting to our AI hub, you can maximize productivity while minimizing hardware acquisition costs.


Get Better Results with Whale's Data-Driven System

Discover the power of Whale's data-driven system in re-structuring your marketing strategies. By integrating our system, GXG's management gained valuable insights into footfall data and customer behavior. This led to a more calculated strategy with clearer goals and impactful results.

Key Benefits:

1. Laser-focused marketing strategies: Gain a more precise understanding of customer portraits and behaviors. This allows for more appropriate marketing strategies and promotion campaigns for potential customers.

2. Improved performance management: Gain a better understanding of the performance of all stores. This provides managers with an orientation to improve the selling process and daily operations.

3. Increased customer conversion: By implementing more appropriate marketing strategies and goals, GXG experienced a 20% increase in new customers' conversion. This directly contributed to a significant boost in total sales.

Enhance Employee Behavior with Whale's AI-Powered Event Detection Feature

Ensure standardized and exceptional customer service experiences with Whale's AI-powered event detection feature. GXG's management can now monitor and take appropriate action against any inappropriate employee behavior, leading to improved customer service by 20%.

Key Benefits:

1. Standardized employee behavior: Maintain a high level of professionalism and improve customer service experiences by 20%.

2. Enhanced multi-store management: Effectively manage multiple stores and automatically detect employee behavior. This leads to a 50% increase in employee managing efficiency.

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