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How SpaceSight Improved Inspection Efficiency for Chain Restaurants

Xiaoman Handmade Noodles is a fast-food chain serving rice noodles. Its primary products are handcrafted steamed rice noodles and unique treats. Currently, Xiaoman operates 85 stores in four cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing. 


Store inspections are not achieving their desired level of efficiency.

In the current inspection process, inspectors are required to use mobile phones to capture proof images during on-site inspections. Subsequently, they must switch to a desktop system to score the inspection checklists. This transition between different devices often leads to mistakes. Moreover, inspectors need to review all photos to communicate rectification requirements to store managers. The entire inspection process is inefficient, and tracking rectification updates is challenging.

The quality of store inspections is not consistently maintained, leading to inefficient quality control.

Xiaoman's daily inspection guidelines are demanding. However, the wide spread of stores and limited manpower resources can make frequent on-site inspections difficult. Store managers are responsible for inspecting specific items each day, but there is a risk of them falsifying information, such as uploading false pictures, which can compromise the efficacy of the inspection process.

It can be challenging to monitor the progress of rectification.

During inspections, the store manager is notified of any issues either verbally or through chat software, as per the existing procedure. However, it can be difficult to determine how the store will rectify the issue and if it is done correctly. Supervisors must confirm and stay in communication with the store manager, which is time-consuming.


We have implemented a digitalized inspection process to streamline operations

Whale SpaceSight has built-in the inspection workflow to streamline the operations process. Inspectors can view digital checklists, assign scores, and upload pictures from their phones instead of utilizing multiple tools. They can assign rectification tasks to address any issues that fail to meet the required standards and monitor the progress of rectification.

We provide tailored inspection processes to meet the unique requirement.

SpaceSight offers numerous tailor-made features to guarantee thorough inspection quality from all angles.

  • Allow customers to customize the minimum inspection duration to avoid rushed inspections.

  • Support customization of the inspection image source to restrict it exclusively to camera shooting. This feature can include a watermark indicating the time and place of the shot, preventing the use of old photos for spoofing, and thus ensuring the legitimacy of the inspection.

We provided a platform to streamlines the process of resolved task and learning system.

SpaceSight's integrated resolved tasks and learning process helps supervisors ensure a high standard of quality. By initiating batch resolved tasks for any issues identified during an inspection, supervisors can assign them to the store manager with one click. To begin, the store manager must understand the specific requirements and complete relevant courses related to the issues.


Maximize Inspection Efficiency and Cut Expenses with Timely and Cost-Effective Solutions

Xiaoman has been able to optimize daily store inspection and enhance employee productivity with Whale's Solution, resulting in a more streamlined management workflow.

Key Results:

  • SpaceSight mobile app enables a digitalized inspection workflow, streamlining the store inspection process to save both time and money. This integration of all steps and functions leads to a 50% improvement in inspection efficiency.

  • Inspectors can easily monitor the progress of resolved tasks using SpaceSight app, reducing their workload and increasing visibility into the resolved process.

  • The customizable inspection specification enables users to tailor their inspection checklist and workflow according to their business needs.

  • The course center offers a comprehensive platform for staff training which focuses on standardizing behaviors and furthering personal development. This training has resulted in a 20% increase in employee productivity.

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