3 Ways to Improve Conversion Rate for the Automotive Industry

Ken, the Regional Operations Manager of a car brand with 50+ showrooms, is facing a pressing issue: despite having a high volume of customer traffic, the actual conversion rate is disappointingly low. The main challenges leading to customer churn cannot be accurately identified.


The current customer traffic analysis fails to filter out irrelevant customer visits, leading to inaccurate data on valid customer traffic. Due to the lack of data regarding the customer service and test drive experience, the manager is unable to effectively standardize the sales process and recognize customer churn.


Ken discovered that the customer flow analysis was not accurate due to customers who were simply browsing the store being counted. To ensure the accuracy of the customer flow analysis, Whale SpaceSight's dwell time detection was implemented, allowing for short-duration invalid customer flows to be filtered out.

In order to improve customer service in stores, Whale SpaceSight is employed to detect staff accompaniment. This solution records whether staff promptly greets and guides customers. Additionally, Smart Audio Badges record sales pitches and relevant language, allowing for better supervision of service quality provided by sales personnel.

By monitoring customer entry into the interior of a vehicle allows for an evaluation of the sales team's effectiveness in guiding customers. If a salesperson receives a large number of customers but has a low rate of interior vehicle experiences and test drives, additional training can be provided to improve their customer engagement skills and ultimately boost conversion rates.


Identify valid customers: Using dwell time analysis, we can distinguish between serious buyers and casual browsers, helping us focus on the 73% of visitors most likely to make a purchase.

Standardize and improve sales service skills:Analyzing staff performance through new metrics, we identify areas for improvement, aiming to enhance customer service and potentially increase sales.

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