Introducing Retail AI Copilot : Your new AI assistant for your physical spaces

AI innovation is rapidly transforming retail and F&B operations. We're entering an era of coachable AI assistants that can streamline workflows and improve customer experiences. Whale is leading this revolution with AI Copilot, designed to work for your business and learn from your team.

Introducing Retail AI Copilot : Your new AI assistant for your physical spaces

Introducing, Retail AI Copilot, Whale SpaceSight. This cutting-edge technology merges AI assistance with input from numerous retail and F&B experts. The AI Copilot serves as your camera and tablet device assistant, enhancing productivity, safety, and customer experience.

AI Copilot deeply understands your physical space
  • AI Copilot grasps entire scenes, enabling tailored use cases for your operations. It visualizes everything it detects – products, customers, staff, and more.

  • Intuitive Point-and-Click Workflows: Anyone can initiate actions or gain insights with a simple click – no training required.

  • Continuous Learning: AI Copilot evolves with your feedback, refining itself to better tackle your unique challenges.

And AI Copilot is always secure and private, learning while respecting your business data's sanctity.

Some of the workflows and use cases:
  • Streamlined Store Operations: Click on a checkout area to track customer traffic and dwell times, optimizing staffing.

  • Product layout Intelligence: Click on shelves to monitor product levels and plan replenishments proactively.

  • Food Safety: Click on food prep surfaces to ensure proper sanitation and compliance.

  • Staff Training: Click on problem areas to pinpoint workflow inefficiencies and coach staff.

AI Copilot learns from you – it's a core principle.

Share feedback to fine-tune its understanding of your space, better aligning it with your goals. The more you teach it, the more value it delivers. At Whale, we're revolutionizing how businesses leverage AI assistants that streamline operations and delight customers. 

With Whale SpaceSight AI Copilot, we're just getting started. Learn more about how Whale can transform your retail or F&B business today.

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